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Michel Salomon, a real estate agent who listens

Michel had to start relying on himself at the age of 18 when he got a job at Chaussures Yellow. From that moment on, he understood that sales were all about listening to customers and targeting their expectations. This enabled him to quickly become one of the best shoe salesmen in the area.
“I didn't expect anything when I started selling shoes. I just needed a job to survive, but I soon realized that I had an innate talent for sales and that this was my path.”


Full of ambition

In 1994, Michel set off with his old-fashioned suit, without a car sales course, to knock on car dealerships’ doors. He had to drop off around 40 resumes to various places, but nobody wanted to give him a chance to prove himself. Every sales manager told him, “You're young, you've got no experience and it takes a course. So come back in a few years and we’ll see.”
Finally, after several weeks of unsuccessful trials, Martin Bélair gave him his chance. Sales Manager of a Mazda dealership at the time, Belair saw the potential : “I liked Michel's ambition. I saw an incredible desire to succeed in him, so I decided to give it a try for a few weeks.”
Martin will never regret hiring Michel, who ranked among Mazda's top representatives in Québec in his very first year. They worked together for over 7 years.

A taste for performance

Michel had a successful career as a sales representative, sales manager and sales director. However, in 2009, after 15 years in the industry, Michel needed a new challenge and decided to take his real estate agent's course. Michel was as full of ambition as ever when he started at RE/MAX. Therefore, at his first meeting with his agency manager, Claude Charron, he asked: “Mr. Charron, what do I have to do to be named the best recruit of the year in the province of Québec?” Mr. Charron laughed in surprise at the question and replied, “I respect your ambition, Michel, but it's very hard to win. In 24 years of managing an agency, none of my agents has ever won this award.”
1 year later, guess what? Michel won the title of Recruit of the Year, awarded to the best new real estate agent in the province of Québec. This award augured a very promising start to his career.

Michel Salomon in numbers

  • One of the best RE/MAX real estate agents in Québec since 2010!
  • #1 best RE/MAX real estate agent in the lower and upper Laurentians area since 2016! (According to RE/MAX Québec rankings)
  • 2nd best RE/MAX real estate agent on the North Shore of Montreal in 2020 and 2021! (According to RE/MAX Québec rankings)
  • 9th best RE/MAX real estate agent in Québec out of 3935 in 2021! (According to RE/MAX Québec rankings)
  • Winner of the Diamond Trophy awarded to Québec's Top Elite Real Estate Agents in 2020 and 2021! (Only 2% of real estate agents won this award)
  • Winner of 17 excellency trophies and awards!
  • Over 1,200 transactions in his career!
  • Member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame since 2014 thanks to exceptional sales!
  • 2 assistants, 1 photographer and 1 sign installer to offer quality service.

Many testimonials from satisfied customers

Michel gets plenty of referrals because he works hard to keep his customers happy with his services. This is evident from the many testimonials he received. Here are some of the words often used to describe Michel in these testimonials:

  • Honest
  • Dynamic
  • Organized
  • Good listener
  • Very accessible and quick to return calls
  • Fine negotiator
  • Excellent market knowledge and marketing skills

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